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Ø Embedded Design: The Embedded Business Segment is one of the booming markets nowadays. Ranging from Digital Signage, Casino Gaming Machine to Hotel Set Top Box, the usage of the products is so different and there has to be with the specific design in each of the category.  Thanks for our professional and experienced engineers, our products are catered for Embedded Market with unique design and fulfilling to its requirement in the industry.  The product can be in the form of Individual Motherboard, Mini PC or Graphic Card.


Ø Design To Order Services: Following to the requirement of different project, we are capable to provide the OEM / ODM services to customers starting from design stage to final production. This is backed up by our strong R&D, Testing & Manufacturing ability & capability or what we called the vertical integration industry and management.


Ø Service Package: We provide the one-stop-services to customer including Specification Proposal, PCB layout, Product Modification, Testing & Validation, Final Production with Quality Assurance, Packing & Shipment etc. All kinds of these works are strictly following to the idea & requirement of customer in order to meet with 100% customer satisfaction.  We are also providing the sound and prompt feedback of after sales service to our worldwide customers. 



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