Information Appliance



Whether its asset tracking management or monitoring for temperature, humidity, light, sound, vibration, air, or power sensitivities in specific environments, they all rely on connected systems or devices with specialized sensors collecting data for transmission over a network to a cloud-based resource. Applications and mobile based platforms enable monitoring and processing of large volumes of raw data collected from the sensors into actionable information, generated reporting or real-time.


Our Capabilities


PCP Solutions offers networkable Appliances dedicated to perform a specific task for home and enterprise. From wired packages to wireless, and portable devices to embedded systems, we can engage with you on your idea and build from design to final production or leverage our existing solutions, and eliminate complicated procedures.



Business Cases


Set-top box:


We provided the suitable hardware to help our clients build an AI capable cable box for videoconferencing. Our slimBOX and slimBOX nano both contain WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, powerful graphics processors and versatile display and audio outputs for delivering high quality HD video and sound to users.

Decoders of disaster emergency warning system was another project we engaged in. The slimBOX SJ411J1-MB is a clear example as a set-top box solution featuring a 9th Gen Intel Core processor and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 graphics hardware to deliver life-like graphics and instant video playback on multiple users/displays upon the reception of an emergency warning from a natural disaster.