Industrial & Manufacturing


Whether it is a kick-starter project or high volume board assembly production, your business needs a smart manufacturing solution to bring innovation to life faster. The satisfaction of your financial goals lies in the approach of how you reduce downtime and costs in the production process. A trusted partner with certified manufacturing techniques and facilities could help solve the toughest manufacturing challenges for greater efficiency.


Our Capabilities


We provide design, engineering and manufacturing services, efficiently supporting and enabling. With years of expertise, PCP Solutions bring high-quality components and turnkey solutions to a variety of industries with the know-how to manufacture your product from design to mass production with varying complexities from simple commercial PCBAs to more complex higher dense circuits with BGAs, Flip Chip, and Chip On-Board (COB) technologies to complete systems.


Our slimBOX series and slimBOX nano series characterized by functionality and agility are the best industrial options in optimizing various manufacturing operations to boost production efficiency. Compact in design with an array of connectivity options, these solutions provide the gateway to countless industrial applications available on the market today.


Business Cases


Industrial Motherboard:


One of the technology enterprises in Asia have been working with PCP Solutions to develop their motion control products. The uniquely designed Mini-ITX motherboard deployed in the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems power the screen and the operation panel for a faster and more reliable performance. They were also applied to various other manufacturing machines like mold milling machines, router machines, drill and tapping machines, and much more.