Finance & Banking



Digital technologies and innovations help modernize financial and banking services globally. From human assisted point of sales terminals to self-service kiosks such as vending systems and automated teller machines (ATM), they are all an extension and continuation from your brand and powered by a mini computer integrated to streamline and automate complex data management.


Our Capabilities


PCP Solutions has an extended range of powerful Mini Computer solutions and components ready to customize and integrate into your end point solution to power fast and graphically beautiful interfaces and or with ease of usability.

Our ready-to-go solutions can be easily adjusted to all aspects of your banking operation whether it’s the usual data processing or a more demanding multimedia scenario. For example, the slimBOX pico C387CF is a lightweight and palm-sized unit providing UHD output with minimal power consumption. It operates at just 9.57W under load compared to the 120W of a traditional Mini PC solution, making it a power-efficient and convenient display solution perfect for information kiosks without adding financial stress.


Business Cases


Industrial Motherboard:


As the need of self-service transactions have increased in banking ATM technologies, we provide the hardware components to create retail ATM installations occupying a smaller footprint. Built with our customized motherboard, expect both speeding performance and flexibility to enable convenient, reliable transactions while adapting specialized features.

On the other hand, we have offered custom motherboards to leading investment management firms designed for their all-in-one computers, helping secure efficient and liquid investment services to meet strategic and financing needs of their customers.