Every business has their individual security challenges. New forms of technology and smart features are making security more effective than ever before. That's why a feasible security solution working 24/7 and focused on user-friendliness and stability can help save costs and secure the location with ease of management.


Our Capabilities


From intrusion detection to video surveillance of access control systems, PCP Solutions offers a variety of integrated platforms and services tailored to fit each risk and operational environment of the customer.

The slimBOX nano N400N3 is an ideal choice for AI machine learning and video analytics to meet your security needs, featuring a high-performance NVIDIA Jetson TX2 System-on-Module and dual HDMI output capable of 4K 60Hz playback. The unit is also aided by a full-suite of I/O ports for external connectivity.


Business Cases


Integrated Motherboard:


A slimBOX nano N340N3 was used in a new X-Ray Security console to replace an existing legacy system. Based on the software provided and their requirements, PCP Solutions integrated the IO board control with the motherboard and assembled to a durable chassis, resulting in a scalable solution for sophisticated threat detection.

Another application was for anti-drone detection. With the built-in processor, fan-less design and power-efficiency, it enabled the client's system to be reliably installed even at the most sound-sensitive and adverse locations while powering sensors and cameras to detect drones at great distances.