Medical & Healthcare


Digital healthcare solutions of today are cloud-connected like health trackers, wearable fitness devices and remote measurement devices. They all have one goal and that is to improve the healthcare outcomes and the patient experience. Healthcare enterprises can track utilization of each asset to track a patient’s compliance while new technologies like virtual reality help create immersive workout experiences in fitness and rehabilitation facilities.


Our Capabilities


PCP Solutions offers a full portfolio of turnkey systems suitable for health care organizations and care providers, which in-turn help enhance productivity in areas such as hospital management and clinical research.


The slimBOX pico C425N4, for example, can empower modern AI algorithms with the high-performance Maxwell-powered NVIDIA Jetson Nano System-on-Module, mass storage and advanced display engines, making it perfect for AI and video analytic applications which are critical in creating clinical decisions for healthcare providers.


Business Cases


Integrated Motherboard:


We tailor-make motherboards for non-life-support medical equipment for clinics and hospitals, allowing tracking of assets such as ECG Monitors. Whenever the asset is powered on, it can report the location tag to the Cloud to drive more efficient inventory checks and usage so more focus can be placed on providing quality care.


VR-ready Desktop PC:


Capable of converting 2D video into 3D Virtual Reality, our PC systems deliver with powerful GPU hardware, are compact in size, and capable of providing quiet powerful capable of driving virtual e-bikes in health centers, turning the typical indoor cycling workout into an exciting adventure in trails never imagined.