PCP Solutions holds years of manufacturing experience from computer electronics, system level design to turnkey solutions. Equipped with manufacturing expertise and professional in-house product design validation capability, our dedicated engineering and production teams are trusted by leading brand holders around the world for assurance in quality and cost-effectiveness.

We work constantly with our customers and technology suppliers to develop new product ideas and leading-edge innovations that correspond to market trends in our endeavour to ensure success and competitiveness.



Our Services Include:


Embedded Designs: Ranging from digital signage, casino gaming machines to hotel set top boxes, our products cater to the embedded market with unique designs, fulfilling requirements in the industry. We provide specific designs in the form of motherboards, Mini PCs or graphics cards based on unique usage scenarios by our customers.


Design-To-Order Services: Following to the requirements of various projects, we have the capabilities to provide OEM / ODM services to customers beginning from the early design stages to final production form backed by our strong research and development teams, testing and manufacturing capabilities, and the vertical integration of industries and management.



Service Package: We provide one-stop-services to customers including specification proposals, PCB layout, product modification, testing and validation, quality assurance, packing and shipment, etc. All strictly follow the ideas and requirements of the customer to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We also provide prompt and sound feedback of after sales services to our worldwide customers.